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dt_value.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Functions converting C types to/from datatree nodes (dt_node).

Definition in file dt_value.h.

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dt_nodedt_make_bool (int b)
dt_nodedt_make_int (long i)
dt_nodedt_make_uint (unsigned long u)
dt_nodedt_make_float (double f)
dt_nodedt_make_str (const char *s)
dt_bool dt_read_bool (dt_node const *node, int *b)
dt_bool dt_read_int (dt_node const *node, long *i)
dt_bool dt_read_uint (dt_node const *node, unsigned long *u)
dt_bool dt_read_float (dt_node const *node, double *f)
dt_bool dt_read_strn (dt_node const *node, char *buf, size_t bufSize)
dt_bool dt_read_str_dyn (dt_node const *node, char **s)

Function Documentation

dt_node* dt_make_bool int  b  ) 

Definition at line 13 of file dt_value.c.

dt_node* dt_make_float double  f  ) 

Definition at line 37 of file dt_value.c.

dt_node* dt_make_int long  i  ) 

Definition at line 18 of file dt_value.c.

dt_node* dt_make_str const char *  s  ) 

Definition at line 32 of file dt_value.c.

dt_node* dt_make_uint unsigned long  u  ) 

Definition at line 25 of file dt_value.c.

dt_bool dt_read_bool dt_node const *  node,
int *  b

Definition at line 46 of file dt_value.c.

dt_bool dt_read_float dt_node const *  node,
double *  f

Definition at line 89 of file dt_value.c.

dt_bool dt_read_int dt_node const *  node,
long *  i

Definition at line 65 of file dt_value.c.

dt_bool dt_read_str_dyn dt_node const *  node,
char **  s

Definition at line 119 of file dt_value.c.

dt_bool dt_read_strn dt_node const *  node,
char *  buf,
size_t  bufSize

Definition at line 102 of file dt_value.c.

dt_bool dt_read_uint dt_node const *  node,
unsigned long *  u

Definition at line 77 of file dt_value.c.

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